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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Some Things Never Get Old

Whenever I'm at home, my camera is usually within reach.  There is such power in living a moment, but then when you have the option to capture it...to keep it forever, well, I guess that's the reason I take so many photos of my family.  Although the day and time may be different...although the background might change...
some moments never get old.  
They are the moments that always seem worth capturing, no matter how many times they've been captured before.

As I was sorting through the pictures I've taken these week, I recognized these special moments that have a way of weaving themselves in day after day, year after year.


Seeing the candles on a cake that represent another year of life...
that never gets old.

Watching Gabriella discover something for the very first time...
that never gets old.

 Listening to Marielle squeal in delight...
that never gets old.

Looking into Genevieve's adoring eyes...
that never gets old.

What are the parts of your life that never get old?  The moments that mean as much on the 100th time as they did on the 1st.  These are the moments to look forward to and these are the moments to cherish.

This week, I have seen God in candles, discoveries, squeals, and eyes that never ever get old!


Saturday, January 12, 2013

I Cut My Toenails

I cut my toenails.
I know what you're thinking.
Who cares...
That's disgusting...
I can't even believe I'm going to share this, but you know what?  Rick said it was like sleeping with a bear.  He said I had claws.  
He told me to cut my toenails...
But then, two twins that shall remain nameless started to cry and poop out of their diapers and another nameless 3 year old started running around, jumping on the couch pretending she was a fairy.

Let's see, change diapers, keep fairy safe, or cut toenails...
These are (as insurance companies like to call them) the random acts of God that keep interfering with insignificant tasks getting done...
like toenails being cut.
Imagine yourself as a big jar with lots of marbles inside.  Each marble represents a little bit of the energy, love, time, etc. that you have to give to the other people in your life.  Rather, the energy, love, time, etc. that the people in your life require.  They need these things.

During the course of my day, many of my marbles are taken at school.  As a teacher, it is my responsibility to be what the students need.  Of course, educator falls into the category of roles, but so do many other things.  The problem is, my best days at school are the days where the most marbles have been taken.  After all, I have 24 students that are all vying for my marbles.
When I come home, I have 4 people waiting at the door for me.  They squeal with delight.  They hug me.  They kiss me.

take my marbles.

So by the end of my day, when there's one marble left that actually has my name on it, you can imagine the feeling of fatigue when someone runs by in a drive-by and snatches it away from me.  I want to run after the perpetrator yelling, "Give me back my last marble!!"  Do you think anyone in this house is going to give me back my marble, though?!  Notta chance.

On 99% of days, I don't mind giving everything I have to everyone else.  There are times, though, when I am overwhelmed.  There are times, though, when I'd like to keep all of my marbles (or cut my toenails) and I feel guilty because I think that someone needs me or needs something I can do. 

Moms, I think we are so busy giving our best to the most precious lives around us that it's easy to lose sight that we deserve our best, too.

Yes, God deserves my best.
Yes, my husband deserves my best.
Yes, my children deserve my best.
Yes, my family and in-laws deserve my best.
Yes, my friends deserve my best.
Yes, my students deserve my best.

BUT, I deserve my best, too.

So, sometimes, I'm going to save some of my best for myself...not give it all away.

Which is exactly what I did earlier in the week...I cut my toenails.

Now see, isn't that a sad, sad example of giving myself my best.  Ha!  I have to start somewhere, though.  

At least Rick will let me cuddle with him again!! hehehehehe

As I look for God in the time I spend with the people I love, I'm going to make sure I see Him in the time I spend with myself!