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Sunday, March 20, 2016

It Feels Good to Be Back

I could spend some time catching you up on why my last post was almost two years ago to the date, but I can sum it up quite quickly: life has been busy and I've been living it, soaking in every moment and I guess I just lost track of time.Whoops! But recently, I've been thinking about this old blog more and more and it seemed like it was time to come back. Enough about that, let's get to the point of the post...

I'm not a Super Mom. I don't claim to be. I'm not trying to be #1 at everything, or even #4,572, and frankly, I've never looked good in blue and red spandex. I think as the girls get more involved in school and activities, I have a chance to be around more and more moms. Through these conversations, I get the feeling that us moms have a bad habit of beating ourselves up for not being perfect at everything.

Clothes don't match. Gasp!
Children drank sugary kool-aid. Shock!
McDonalds was served on more than one occasion this week. Oh no!
Bought a birthday cake from Walmart. Lord, help us!

A couple of weeks ago, I received a group text in which a friend was asking us how often we bathed our children. As a busy mom of three, she was having a hard time getting in three baths a night. I can't remember what I did respond, but what I didn't respond was this: We don't bathe our kids every day. In fact sometimes, it's several days in between. If we bathed 4 children every night, we'd spend most of our time together in a bath tub getting clean. Instead, I'd rather spend time doing other things together, even it means maybe behind our children's ears gets a little dirty. Sorry. That's just the way it is (not to mention they make baby wipes for this very reason, right?!).

If I were obsessed with being Super Mom, this would bother me, but it doesn't. I think one of the most important things we can do as moms is to pick what we want to be good at. Prioritize. I can handle not being good at cooking creative healthy meals every night of the week. I can handle not being good at giving daily baths. What I can't handle not being good at is teaching my children how to be good siblings, so they have a seal tight bond to carry them through life. What I can't handle not being good at is laughing and dancing and kissing my hottie hubby in front of my children so they see what a strong marriage looks like. So, if certain things fall by the wayside, I'm ok with that. I'm good with not being good at everything as long as I'm getting better at the stuff that matters.

It feels good to be back!

Love, Mary


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